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Find out about Tier 1 statistics – the most important statistics for understanding how well New Zealand is performing.

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This list is updated quarterly, to show movement of statistics from planning to production in the previous quarter. The original 2012 Tier 1 list can be found below.

The list includes names of the producers of each statistic. To view statistics that are currently produced, go to the producer's website.

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Background to Tier 1 statistics

Tier 1 statistics:

  • are essential to critical decision-making
  • are of high public interest 
  • meet expectations of impartiality and statistical quality, in accordance with the Tier 1 principles and protocols
  • require long-term data continuity
  • allow international comparability
  • meet international statistical obligations.

The Top Down Review of the Official Statistics System (2003) recommended the identification of a set of key official statistics that are performance measures of New Zealand. These are known as Tier 1 statistics. The first Tier 1 statistics list was established in 2005.

pdf icon. Download the 2005 Tier 1 list, now superseded (PDF, 150KB).

In August 2012, Cabinet approved the new 2012 Tier 1 list.

pdf icon. Download the original list of Tier 1 statistics 2012 in printable format (PDF, 170KB)

The list has been broadened and balanced to better reflect a wider range of government and public concerns, and address statistical gaps identified by producers and users. As such there are a number of new statistics and categories in the revised list.

The revised list aims to be more aspirational than the previous list, by including not only statistics which currently exist but also those which are considered essential to develop. While some of the new statistics on the list are already being produced to Tier 1 standard, others will be introduced over the next few years as research and development is conducted to identify appropriate statistical measures and ensure they are produced to the required standards.

The 2012 list was been endorsed by the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Official Statistics, the OSS Chief Executive’s Steering Group, and Statistics NZ’s Māori Statistics Advisory Committee before receiving final approval from Cabinet.

The list will be reviewed on a five-yearly cycle.

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