Principles and protocols for producers of Tier 1 statistics

Trust and confidence in Tier 1 statistics is assured through the application of these practice guidelines and requirements.

Download the Principles and Protocols for Producers of Tier 1 Statistics (PDF, 778KB)

Download the Summary of Principles and Protocols for Producers of Tier 1 Statistics (PDF,  166KB)

Tier 1 statistics need to have a high standard of quality, reliability and integrity to engender the confidence and trust expected by Government Ministers and other decision-makers, the New Zealand public, international investors and interest groups.

The principles and protocols embody the key aspects of the Statistics Act 1975 and the United Nations Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics, as well as the Privacy Act 1993, the Official Information Act 1982 and the Public Records Act 2005. They apply to all Tier 1 statistics. The application of the principles to all official statistics is encouraged.

The development of these principles and protocols was coordinated by Statistics New Zealand in consultation with other Tier 1 producer agencies. Adherence to the protocols is regularly monitored by Statistics New Zealand.

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Page published 28 September 2012 

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